Surface Bonder Xi Adhesives

Surface Bonder Xi Adhesives for Acrylic, Quartz, and Natural Stone Countertops.

Our countertop adhesives are designed and manufactured by Integra Adhesives, a leading company in the solid surface industry since the mid-1980’s which contributes experience and practical knowledge in multiple facets of production. Integra employs the use of pharmaceutical-grade chemical reactors made of oxidized steel to achieve the highest grade of quality. The result: an adhesive that contains optimal color and extended use of life which showcases its superior craftsmanship.

This Epoxy Modified Acrylic reduces the work put into the construction process, therefore eliminating the manual mixing and designing part you used to endure. Integra offers best-in-class adhesives that allow for faster bonding resulting in stronger, virtually invisible joints.

Based on this longstanding experience is why Integra focuses so much on the needs of its customers, continuously consulting with Countertop Specialists and developing top-notch products that cover the specific needs of our market.

• Local Inventory of different colors available for pick-up
• The most ample variety of colors in the market with over 200 colors to craft invisible joints
• Generous window of time to handle the adhesive but delivers the quick bonding needed
• Product designed for high performance and resistance which helps reduces waste
• Customizable colors for specialized projects
• Adhesive can be polished to create a glossy finish to compliment the bonded countertop
• No mixing means you can automate the bonding process and save time
• Appreciate the strength and quick-set from the epoxy and its continuous color of the acrylic

Integra’s high standards and quality are the cornerstones of their commitment to reduce costs by providing a high performance product and diminishing unnecessary waste.

Only Dilusso Stone fulfills the quality standards and excellent customer service to represent such an outstanding brand like Integra Adhesives in all the Caribbean.

Access the table below to see the color palette of Integra Adhesives at


Epoxy Modified Methacrylate Adhesive for Quartz – Natural Stone – Solid Surface

A premium grade adhesive for bonding Solid Surface sheet goods and molded products. Also available in a wide range of colors matching major brands of Quartz Surfacing, and Natural Stone. This Epoxy Modified Acrylic reduces labor by eliminating hand mixing and is designed to produce strong, fast curing, invisible seams. The stock color line covers over 3000 surfaces from leading manufacturers and slab suppliers. Custom colors and cross reference charts are available upon request.

  • Laminating / Seaming / V-Groove systems
  • Automates Adhesive Application
  • Provides the Strength of Epoxy, the Speed and Color stability of Acrylic
  • Reduce Waste, Eliminate Hand Mixing and Tinting
  • 200 colors create invisible seams and laminations
  • Polish to match the gloss of surrounding material
  • Strongest bonds on the largest selection of materials
  • Standard formulations develop handling strength in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Custom formulations available for special applications needs such as faster cure, extended working time, or increased flexibility.
Meets or exceeds Indoor Air Quality standards
The Surface Bonder Xi is a low-emitting product, tested by Eurofins, a world renown independent laboratory.  Using the Surface Bonder Xi will help qualify for LEED points.  Please refer to the VOC Content and LEED Report at the bottom of this page.