Health and Safety at Home

Dilusso Stone® vs. Natural Stone

It is always a priority, and our commitment, to inform customers about the characteristics, benefits, and warrantees of our products in comparison with other brands and non-certified materials. Below, we provide informative content related to solid surface materials to help the process of selecting which may be the best choice in solid surface for you.


Radon: Poisoning from different sources can frequently occur in homes by substances that we are not aware of or what harm they may cause. And that is the case with Radon: a natural gas which contains radioactive, carcinogen, odorless and tasteless characteristics. It’s naturally created in the stone as an effect of the degradation of uranium present in granite and other natural stone.
Its radioactivity is a health risk that can cause pulmonary cancer when inhaled. Radon is the second cause of pulmonary cancer after cigarette smoke and can be more dangerous than cigarette smoke when present in high concentrations. And, even though granite producers allege the concentration of Radon in natural stone does not represent health risks, the reality is no level of Radon is completely safe and allows the presence of unnecessary risk.

Bacterial growth: It’s true the toxicity level in granite does not allow bacterial growth on its own, but it’s not so when there is accumulation of food or other organic substances that come in contact with the stones naturally porous profile. Granite requires continuous maintenance, cautious use, and chemical sealants. All adding to the overall cost, special care, and health risks when using natural stone.

The Danger of Lead: Lead poisoning is a medical condition caused by high levels of heavy metals in the body. Lead interferes with multiple processes in the body, such as toxicity in various organs and tissues including the heart, bones, intestines, kidney, and reproductive & nervous systems. It’s particularly toxic for children which causes permanent damage, some of which can cause learning and behavioral disorders. Some symptoms include abdominal pain, confusion, headaches, anemia, irritability, and in some serious cases convulsions, coma and death.

Exposure to lead contamination can include the air, water, soil, food and regularly used products such paints, metals, and low quality solid surface countertops.

Dilusso Stone® Quality and Safety

Dilusso Stone® was designed with safety and quality in mind. Which is why certifications awarded to Dilusso Stone® such as GreenGuard, certify the product is made of high quality materials and is safe and non-toxic for daily use.

The GreenGuard certification recommends the use of quality materials in areas where strict hygiene is required such as restaurants, hospitals, and child care facilities. The GreenGuard certification is synonymous to commitment, safety, health, quality and warrantee.



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